Making Peace with Feminism

Jim Cousens is a Man Of Peace.

So despite all of the obscenities, all of the outrageous human rights violations and all of the pious refusals to be decent human beings which have become the bread and butter of modern feminism, Jim extends the hand of friendship to his most bitter enemies and with an open heart offers them the chance to redeem themselves, to rediscover the inner truly good “little woman” in all of them and embrace their ancient calling to serve him and his friends “hot dinners on the table when we want our hot dinners on the table”.

God Bless Jim Cousens.

Queen Victoria: The Less Said The Better (Satire)

Man about town Jim Cousens explains how the modern emphasis on never saying anything which may be misconstrued as being disrepectful to women, now makes him reluctant to speak his mind in the debate about whether Australia should remain a constitutional monarchy where Queen Elisabeth the second is the head of state or become a republic.

Posted 19-02-2020

(postcript: Three years later, on 15/02/2023, King Charles’s ascension to the throne has not improved the situation yet.

It is possible that Jim’s mouth has gotten the better of him on this one. Unverifiable rumors insist that Jim has been or will be arrested in the Police State of Victoria for the grievous crime of posthumous sexual assault of the late Queen by saying “No F-king Comment” in response to questions that no one was actually asking Jim. Police have decided it is not necessary to interview Jim because a statue, which was made and placed in public over 100 years ago, proves that Jim is guilty.

Breaking News. POLICE MAKE STRATEGIC BREAKTHROUGH. These two memes, both based on photos of a statue of Queen Victoria in pubic in Melbourne and unveiled in 1907, ARE a certainty to convict THE DEVIL INCARNATE A.K.A. JIM COUSENS by proving just how profoundly evil and criminal his vicious swearing is. It so ABOMINABLE that his one four letter word has defied the rules of space and time and ruined the life of a strong, proud, little understood and grossly under-appreciated, third wave feminist woman, who died in 1901:

A police spokesperson said: “We don’t really need much evidence in our feminist justice system to convict a murderous ratbag twisted pervert like this of upsetting a woman who has been dead for about 122 years.

Our gut feeling that we couldn’t possibly be wrong is all we need to convict a man, let me repeat an individual who is at his own admission guilty of the capital offence of being a man.”

Case closed.